June 2nd 2018

Today I’m back from a night out in Shoreditch.

Shoreditch is so far the only place in the world where I’ve felt comfortable enough to wear my glasses in a nightclub.

Mainly because the DJ in Queen of Hoxton was wearing glasses and he was as cool a bastard as they come.

The group of guys I was out with tonight is an as eclectic a group of boys as they come. If that wording makes sense. We’re all completely different people, but it just works. And I love the lot of them.

We know each other through Pizza Hut, and there is no earthly chance that any of us would be friends if we had met outside of that setting.

Until tomorrow, But we do, and it does.


One thought on “Shoreditch

  1. Please tell me what weekend white night will be in 2017 as I need to book accomodation for a large group of people. Thankyou


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