June 5th 2018

Today I actually put in a semi-decent performance at 5-a-side. There are days when you’re just on form, and today was one of them for me. I’m not the best footballer, I just go along to Tuesday night football to see my Dad, really. We play against/with a bunch of his old(ish, no offence) mates, so although I can’t outplay all of them, I can definitely out run them.

I’m quick, and my lack of workrate in the defensive transitions may look like laziness, but it’s really just prime positioning so that I can hit the other team on the break if a counter attack develops. And, it’s the conservation of energy for a time when it is more required.

The goals go in too fast so swe don’t keep count pf the score in Tuesday night sessions — or, in fact, some do, but I don’t, so I’m not entirely sure if we won or not. But I am fairly confident that I scored what would add up to be described as “a boat load of goals”.

I was quite happy with that performance. In team sports I often used to get anxious of letting the team down, but today I did the opposite. It must have been the Germany football top I was wearing.


Until tomorrow, it’s just a shame my Dad couldn’t make it tonight.


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