June 6th 2018

Today we had a rare family dinner. The seven of us. Well, five plus two. With Genine living in London it’s rare that we get to rendezvous for a dinner, and even more rare that it happens during the week.

But when my mum sends a message round the family WhatsApp group saying “who wants to come round for one of Mum’s curries on Wednesday?” then there’s not a chance any of us is going to say no.

Mum’s curry is legendary.

It’s not a traditional curry — well, it’s not a traditional British curry, if you’ll pardon the appropriation in that sentence — it’s one of her own creation.

Because I’m a fussy eater I’ve always done my best to avoid asking what’s inside Mum’s curry. There are some ingredients that I’m aware of, and some that I’d prefer to remain oblivious to. Let’s just say that one of the ingredients rhymes with Snapples.

I do somehow, inexplicably like onion bhaji’s now, apparently, and I’m not really sure where that came from.

It’s weird, but it’s wonderful. And it’s great to have my sisters around the table with us too. And Steve was there too. We all usually have so much to say because it’s been so long since we saw each other, and today was very similar.

Until tomorrow, we sat, and we talked, and we ate.


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