June 7th 2018

Today I finally used my Morrisons More card. Just three days after receiving it in the post!

I’ve been working in Gloucester for almost two years now. And that means I’ve been going to Morrisons on the way out of Gloucester for almost two years now. That means that every week for two years I’ve spent £40 in that Morrisons. That’s almost £2000. Bit depressing.

For two years I ignored the possibility of ‘earning points’ from a Morrisons More card, because ‘earning points’ on supermarket loyalty cards is something my Mum and Dad do. And of course there’s nothing wrong with it, it’s just not very rock and roll, is it?

Plus, I could never be bothered to go into store and ask for them to set me up with one. It’s just all a bit of effort. In the end, Alice registered one for me online. But somehow she put my name as “Miss James Norman”. To be honest, I think it was intentional.

To begin with I was a bit annoyed at the thought that I’d missed out on £2000 worth of points, until I Googled how many points that would have actually got me. £20 pounds worth. It would’ve got me half a tank of petrol. Or some chicken.

After some research, I’m no longer too annoyed on missing out.

Until tomorrow, being an adult sucks.


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