June 8th 2018

Today I finally got my car back from the garage. It’s been in there having a new boot replaced for about a month now. I was rear-ended at a set of traffic lights at the end of March, and it’s now June and I’ve only just had the car fully repaired.

I was messed around so often by garages, it’s nice to finally have everything sorted out. Although, that said, I was quite enjoying driving my brand new 18-plate hire car, and the fact that I could park directly at work because it wasn’t worth changing over my license plate recognition at the multi-story car park around the corner.


To be fair to them, it was quite a lot of work. I had to have a whole new boot and bumper fitted because of the extent of the damages.

Weirdly, the thing that I’m most happy about is that they gave my car a full on valet service. Hoovered it and everything.

Thankfully, the whole process has cost me exactly nothing, because everything has gone through the other guy’s insurance.

Until tomorrow, all it’s cost me is hassle.


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