June 10th 2018

Today I went through the torture of buying a new pair of glasses. If you have the good fortune of having perfect eyesight, then you won’t know the trauma that buying new glasses inflicts on a person.

You’re basically forced into making a choice that will be the sole decider of the way your physical appearance is perceived for the next two-ish years. I wear my glasses all day, every day, and so they’re basically synonymous with my face. So to have to make such a permanent decision is somewhat overwhelming.

It took me like half an hour. I think I annoyed the sales lady with my indecisiveness, but I’m not sure she grasped the exact gravity of the situation. And then she had the cheek to ask me for £100 when I’d finally chosen the (two pairs of) glasses that I wanted.

I think I must have tried on just about every pair in the store.

I hate that I have to wear glasses, but at this point there’s not much I can do about it. Admittedly, though, breaking the last pair by rolling on them whilst asleep was probably my fault even if I was very, very drunk.

Really, all I wanted was for them to be able to fix my old pair of frames. But apparently they discontinued my frames. Bastards. So instead I had to put myself through the truly horrible experience of deciding what I want my face to look like for the next two years.

Until tomorrow, I played it safe.



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