June 11th 2018

Today had the potential to be significant. And for a multitude of reasons. None of which I particularly feel like mentioning, but I just wanted to give it all a cursory mention in the event that I need to remember this particular date for any particular reason.

I’m not usually this cryptic on this blog — because that kind of defeats the purpose of it, but I’m also not usually this tired. Today was a particularly long and eventful day (and night), and although I’d rather not relive it right now, I do want to remember it.

Is that okay? No. Oh alright then, I’ll tell you.

I am, of course, talking about the fact that my left rear fog light stopped working because of a dangling power cable. (I’m not, of course, but ‘fog’ is a pretty good metaphor in this particular situation, so it’s one I’m going to milk the clouds out of.)

It’s foggy.

Multi-faceted and complex layers of fog.

Until tomorrow, my left rear fog light is broken and I don’t know what to do.



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