June 14th 2018

Today I found a new way home from work. I’ve been driving the same way home every single day for the last two years but today, out of nowhere, I decided to gamble on an alternative route.

It turns out, that route is like twenty minutes quicker. Now, that may just have been a coincidence, or it may just have been because I left at a different time to normal, but I’m going to be so annoyed if it turns out that route is actually 20 minutes quicker.

I mean, on paper it sounds like a good thing that I’ve found a new route, but I’m going to be annoyed at the amount of time I’ve wasted in traffic going the other way. An extra twenty minutes each way, every working day, for the past two years

That adds up to, like, almost 500 hours. 500 hours wasted. Do you know what I could do with an extra 500 hours? I’d get an extra 20 minutes in bed every morning, that’s what.

It’s bittersweet, but I’ll try to focus more on the sweet than the bitter.

I only found the route because I somehow, for the first time in two years, paid attention to a particular sign post, that ended up taking me the long way round the traffic, but saved me time. A lot of time. Conceivably 500 hours worth of time.

Until tomorrow, we’ll see what the traffic is like in the morning.


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