June 16th 2018

Today I actually won a round of golf — a momentous occasion that doesn’t happen very often. We play every weekend, but usually I lose. Not because I’m a bad player, but because I can’t hold focus for long enough to score well. Today’s situation wasn’t much different to that, it was just nobody else scored well either. Although, I still did have to work for the win, and in fact it came right down to the final hole — to the final shot, even.

On the 18th green I had a par putt that had to go in for me to win the round. And, surprisingly, it went in. Usually that kind of pressure would get to me, and I’d leave the putt short, but today it went in, and I won.

To be honest, I was most happy about that because it meant that I didn’t have to buy the round of beers in the club house afterwards. And there was the pride too, obvs.

Until tomorrow, it’s nice to win, but it’s especially nice not to lose.



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