June 17th 2018

Today we had the family back together for Father’s day — the family, and just the family. It’s been a while. We’re all living in different places now so, unfortunately, it takes an event like Father’s Day to get us all together in the same place.

Considering it’s Father’s Day, I think the plan was that us kids were supposed to cook a roast dinner for Dad, but in the end that just turned into Mum cooking a roast dinner for Mum (although Genine did cook the chicken, and she tells me to mention that it was lemon-stuffed chicken). I mean, Mum cooking it ensures that the meal turns out better than anything we could’ve come up with, so I think everyone wins in the end.


Admittedly, I didn’t exactly help out hugely with the creation of the dinner, but I did have a significant input into the eating of it. Also: the cake.

After dinner Dad and I sat and watched the World Cup. He drank wine, and I drank coffee. I’m not a father myself, but to me that seems like a pretty good way to spend a Father’s Day.


Until tomorrow, he seemed to be enjoying himself, at least.


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