June 18th 2018

Today football is officially coming home. It was England’s first game of the 2018 World Cup and they put in a dominant* display against the mighty Tunisia — yes, they play football in Tunisia.

*it started well, but faded into completely underwhelming until the last two minutes when it was good again.

I’m feeling it this time, the World Cup fever. I watched the match round a mates house, and he lives like 30 minutes from me. On the way over I played an “England World Cup Songs” playlist on Spotify. I was properly in the mood.

I put my car speaker right up to 66 and Vindaloo’d the fuck out of that chorus.

Do you put the kettle on?

For once, I’m hopeful. Well, I’m always hopeful but this time it doesn’t feel unfounded. We won’t win it, but we have a chance of getting to the stage to put in a plucky performance in a quarter final loss to Brazil. And really, isn’t that all we can ask for?


Oh yeah, we ordered Domino’s too.

And the beautiful boys in red (for some reason) are bringing home the Jules Rimet (not that it’s called that anymore) and there’s nothing the Germans can do about it.




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