June 20th 2018

Today I’ve just about nailed making latte art. Making coffee is the first thing I do with my day when I get to work, and I usually have to make a round for the entire team, so I’ve become well practiced in the art. Alongside the habitual speed solving of Rubik’s cubes, latte art is my signature move. My party trick.

Neither of them are particularly accessible party tricks, though. I guess at this hypothetical party where you’re asked to perform a trick, I could pull a Rubik’s cube out of my pocket and solve it in a minute, but I couldn’t pull an espresso machine out of my pocket and make the perfect flat white. And I doubt this theoretical party would have one on hand — unless it was in Soho or Shoreditch, or somewhere like that.

So my party tricks aren’t particularly transferrable, unlike a magician or a dancer, let’s say.


Looks pretty, though. Tastes good, too.

Like the Rubik’s cube, I taught myself how to do latte art by spending an evening on the internet. (It’s amazing what you can find if you’re looking for the right things)

I watched a few YouTube videos, memorised the techniques, and spent a few months practicing. And now I can’t get through the day without two coffees.

Until tomorrow, it’s obvious to me now that I’ve only had one today.


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