June 21st 2018

Today is traditionally my favourite day of the year. The summer solstice is the day with the longest hours of daylight, and that usually symbolises peak summertime for me. Although you’d be right to say “the longest day just means the nights are going to get longer from here on out”, to that I say “well, let us just enjoy today before we worry about what happens tomorrow.”

Saying that, I didn’t really do much to celebrate my traditional favourite day of the year. Mum told me about a 4:00am swim that was being put on at the swimming pool that is literally fifty metres from my house, but, naturally, I forgot. Also, 4:00am is really early. That’s in like 2.5 hours time from now. Fuck that.

We also could have got into Stonehenge for free, had we have put the effort in. But you might have noticed that we did not. The weather wasn’t fantastic, , so naturally instead of being outside celebrating the longest day of the year, I sat at my desk at work eating a dirty chicken burger from the dirty chicken shop next door. (I added the ‘dirty’)

I barely went outside. I’ve come to the realisation that I can no longer declare myself ‘a runner’ because I do not run any more. I don’t really have any other excuse. No injury or ailment: I’m 24, my legs work fine and so do my lungs, I just don’t like to run any more. I don’t get enjoyment out of it. I used to tell myself that I wasn’t running because it was too cold, but now we’re a the solstice, the cold weather should be behind us. So now I don’t have an excuse other than “I don’t want to, okay”

Maybe something in the solstice will reignite by burning ember, or maybe… it won’t.



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