June 22nd 2018

Today I left work feeling immensely frustrated about a project on which I am working. Basically, we (the marketing team) were tasked with coming up with a concept for our company’s website.

The tricky part was that one version of said website had already been conceived and presented by another team, but it was our duty to come up with a more adventurous suggestion — as is the nature of marketing teams.

And so we did. We’ve been working on that for the last few weeks and we finally reached the climax today, wherein the relevant stakeholders would decide between what we presented, and the alternative, original suggestion.

We lost.

But I’m not frustrated about that. I’m frustrated because we didn’t lose because what we produced wasn’t good. We lost because it wasn’t safe.

Although we fundamentally believe that our concept is the right thing to do, the stakeholders think that it’s too drastic a change. And so they’ve gone with the safe option.

Don’t get me wrong, the safe option is still good, but it just doesn’t adequately portray what we think the new website should represent. Ours is so good. It’s so so good. I’m so proud of it, and I was so excited about it.

The most frustrating thing is that if the stakeholders, hand-on-heart, evaluated which of the two concepts they preferred, they’d all say ours. But they’re too scared to say that out loud. Because they’re too scared of presenting something un-safe to the person above them.

And I get that.

But I also really don’t get that.

If you categorically think that it is the right thing to do, then you do it. You don’t just take the easy way out. Or the safe option. But that’s what they’ve done. And it is so, so disappointing.

We were briefed to provide a more creative option, and we did, and in the end it was deemed too creative. Too much of a change. Too disruptive. But that was the point. That was what we were told to do. And what we came up with was really brilliant.

And it’s not that it wasn’t good, and it’s not that it wasn’t right, it just wasn’t safe. And that was our downfall.

Even though the outcome was not what we wanted, I still don’t think that the takeaway from this situation is that you should play it safe. At anything.

Finding out the news made me feel really deflated, and a bit broken. So we went to the pub after work to make things feel better.


Until tomorrow, and long may that continue.


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