June 26th 2018

Today I’m back in Germany for work. We went out this evening for what was predescribed to me as “the best Kebab in Karlsruhe” and, considering it was only the second kebab I’ve had in Karlsruhe, I can so far confirm that to be true.

It was called Iskender and, as far as I could see/taste, consisted of lots and lots of donner meat, croutons, some sort of passata and garlic sauce on a plate.

It really was very good. When it came out I made the assumption that I was going to have to order some sides to go with it, but due to the sheer density of meat discovered upon cutting into it, that proved to be unnecessary.

The only disappointing thing about it was that the kebab house didn’t serve beer, so I somehow ended up with a lemonade.

I’m fairly confident in saying that Germany contains the largest Turkish diaspora, so for this one place to be dubbed the greatest kebab in the city is extremely impressive.

Also, I heard the word diaspora the other day and have been looking for an opportunity to use it in context.

As nice as it was, tomorrow I’m looking forward to some fresh vegetables. Vietnamese, maybe.

Oh also, we do actually have work to be doing here. So there’s that.

Until tomorrow, I’ll try to remember the word Iskender for next time.


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