June 28th 2018

Today, remember when I said that yesterday was the biggest day of my career so far? Well, today was a close second.

Yesterday was an all day workshop in Germany with like 30-odd important people. Today was a one hour meeting with a small group of very important people.

Now, I am not a very important person, but my boss is, and I was there on her behalf. I’d like to think that it wasn’t too obvious to the others that I didn’t have the VI-prefix to my title, (or the ,000 on my salary.)

A couple of times I had to kind of check myself when I realised that I was sat in a room with the three of the most important people in a company of 5,000+.

But although I’m not on their level, for that one hour I sort of was. If afterwards they looked at the job title in my email signature they might wonder what on Earth I was doing there — and to be honest, so was I — but for that one hour I deserved to be there.

And that gave me confidence in my words. I backed myself. I knew what I was doing. I knew what I was there for. I knew what I was saying, and so I said it with conviction…

…Y’know, after I’d worked up the courage to open my mouth.

The meeting wasn’t until three in the afternoon, so I spent much of the day preparing for it. And then, at 2:53 I took the lift up to the ninth floor. (I’d originally planned to leave at 2:55, but I had a moment of panic and assumed it would take more than five minutes to travel upwards four floors in a lift. It did not.)

The chairs are really comfortable up there on the ninth floor. And rightly so, I guess.

I introduced myself well, and I said my bit, and I made suggestions, and I tried to emulate what my boss would’ve said, because that’s what I was there to do. And I’m happy with how successfully I did that. And I think she will be too.

Until tomorrow, I guess we’ll find out.


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