June 29th 2018

Today was a pay day date night. Pay day date night is no different from normal date night, I just feel less guilty about it. I’ve been away from Alice all week, so tonight when I got home I just wanted to go to a restaurant for a bit and catch up. I know it might sound weird to want to ‘catch up’ with a person you live with, but I missed her!

So we went down to our favourite place in town for some dinner: Toro Lounge. Guess which one I ordered and which one she ordered:


If you guessed that I ordered “the one that came with a side of fried halloumi” then you’d be damn right. How could I not? Okay, it didn’t technically “come with” the four pound side, but the country has a national shortage of halloumi at the moment, I have to take what I can get.

As well as eating, Alice and I had to have a proper, grownup conversation, so that was a bit ominous. But we got through it. The cocktails helped. (by which I mean I had a cider).

On the way home, Alice found a cat. We rarely find cats in our neighbourhood, so this one was “an angel sent from heaven”, as Alice put it.


To me, she looked more feline than angelic. The cat, that is. Alice gets so excited by feline friends, bless her.

Until tomorrow, she would have stayed there all night.


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