July 1st 2018

Today we found the house that we want to buy. Or, more specifically, the houses. Unfortunately, the only thing stopping us buying any of those houses is about one million pounds. Let me back up a bit…

For breakfast this morning we searched out a new coffee place, and that search took us to the lakes down the road(ish). The coffee shop that we’d been recommended was in the community centre of a new housing estate that was built around the lakes. Pretty niche, but we went along with it. It was difficult to find the coffee shop at first, because the sat nav in my car took us to the middle of an industrial estate, and then Google maps did the rest.

I guess my car’s sat nav is out of date, because where we ended up didn’t even exist on my car’s map. It makes sense. All of the houses in this estate looked brand new. And they must be. Immediately, we decided it was the kind of place that we’d want to live in.

And not least because most of the houses had a direct view of the lakes.


We drank our coffees (which were as good as suggested) in view of the lake, and then went for a walk around it, pointing out each house we wanted to buy as we saw them (there were not many that we wouldn’t want, to be honest).


Because of local construction regulations, each house was built with the mandatory Cotswold stone, but because they were built so recently the houses somehow managed a fine balance between modern and classic. We were sold, and looked the houses up on Rightmove when we got home.

Yeah, it turns out four bedroom detached houses overlooking a Cotswoldian lake are pretty expensive. Some of the top-level ones were going for over a million pounds (boat not included). The more reasonably priced ones were still £200,000+.

We’re not necessarily looking to buy a house, but it was just nice to picture what kind of house we’d like to buy. As it turns out, we have expensive taste.

I’ve not even opened a help to buy ISA yet. I still don’t really understand what that even means.

We’re a long way off that yet.

Until tomorrow, but it can’t hurt to look, right?


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