June 30th 2018

Today was a day to be outside. And so, I spent most of the day outside, starting on the golf course. I played one of my most enjoyable rounds of golf in a while. That’s not necessarily saying that I played well, but I played consistently. Golf is most frustrating because you play one good shot followed by two bad shots for no explicable reason. But today, everything was pretty consistent. I putted well, I drove well, I approached well, but I did nothing fantastically, and nothing horribly.

And so it turned out to be a pretty good round, if not only for the weather.


It was really quite hot. And it still is. But I’ve just had to close my office window because I’m being invaded by flies.

After golf we decided that to make the most of the sun, we’d spend a couple of hours de-weeding the garden. Fun, right? Not really. It’s one of those things that has been on our list of things to do for a while, we’d just never really had the correct levels of desire. We didn’t want to today either, but it was sunny so that made it a slightly more manageable task. Although, we will have to finish it off tomorrow because there was so much to do.


I feel like gardening is the epitome of ‘being an adult’. I never had to do that as a kid. And I never wanted to. I still don’t really want to, it’s just something that I ‘have to do’, and, really, it’s the ‘things you have to do but don’t want to do’ that sum up adulthood. Annoyingly.

In some ways, ripping weeds and overgrown vines out of the patio and plants was quite cathartic. In other ways, I’d rather have been sat down drinking beer.

Until tomorrow, still, it’s just nice to be outside.


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