July 6th 2018

Today Alice wanted to go somewhere to watch the sunset. She text me when I was at work asking if we could go for a drive somewhere to watch the sun go down, and at the time it seemed like a great idea. We’ve had some really nice weather in the evenings recently, and the sun doesn’t go down until really late now. Today’s would’ve been at 9:25pm.

It sounded like a great idea, and a nice, different way to spend an evening, but when I got home from work I just… I really couldn’t be bothered.

I just wanted to lie down on sofa and watch the World Cup. And that’s really bad. I’m really tired at the moment — partly due to the heat, I think, so I just wanted to relax. We have a long day planned tomorrow, and then on Sunday I’m off to Berlin for five nights. So I just wanted to spend tonight chilling out before ten straight days of being busy.

But I regret that decision. Because it would have been nice to go and do something different for a change. So much of our lives recently have been “lie down on the sofa and watch the World Cup” that I should’ve taken a break to go and do something fulfilling. But I didn’t, because I was tired.

And I feel bad for letting Alice down, because she was excited about it. And we won’t get a chance to try again any time soon because I’m leaving the country for a week.

For fuck sake, James.

Until tomorrow, we should’ve gone to watch the sunset.


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