July 7th 2018

Today Harry Maguire and his massive Square fucking head spanked it to either the left or the right of the keeper. It’s entirely possible that he might have spanked it straight up in but I don’t exactly remember.

And then Dele Alli went and did it as well. And England are in the semi finals of a World Cup. Anything from here is enough. It doesn’t matter what happens now. We’re good.

Look, these were just before it got a bit silly. For every England game I’ve watched I’ve wanted there to be absolute scenes when the goals went in. And on this occasion there was. My goal was to hug a stranger, but I don’t think I got that far.

It was still hugging people you know.

But there were still absolute scenes. Unlimited scenes.

Until tomorrow, and England are in a semi final of a World Cup.


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