July 9th 2018

Today, in an aim to see more of the city, I walked through Berlin to get home instead of getting a taxi. On a business trip it’s tempting to see only the inside of A) your hotel room, B) The work office and C) a taxi, so it’s good to actually get out and take in some of the city you’re visiting.

I Google Maps’d it and it turned out to be only a half an hour from the office to my hotel, so I thought it was worth walking. I was probably right, I just went the wrong way. What was supposed to be a slow, scenic walk along the river turned into a power walk through the industrial estates on the wrong side of the river.

No matter, though, it was just good to be outside. And I got to see the things that I’d usually miss by being sat in the rear passenger seat of a taxi.


Like these gate thingies on that road thingie that leads up to the monument thingie. See, I’ve really been taking in the culture. Usually I’d fly past all of that stuff, but today I got to take it in.

I might even walk to work tomorrow morning.

This evening I took a similar strategy in trying not to be distracted, and went chasing the sunset. I went to dinner late so by the time I was finished the sky had turned crimson. I paid my bill and raced down one of the big long roads to properly catch the sunset. As I did, two separate cars pulled over, and their drivers got out to take photos of the sunset as well.

All I managed was this slightly dark one.


By the time I reached the end of the road it had gone. A fleeting moment.

I improved upon my uncomfortably solitary dinner yesterday by taking a book with me today: Me Without Women, Haruki Murakami, and for the longest time* I just sat there, in the restaurant, reading. I didn’t have to be anywhere, and I didn’t have to do anything, and I only left because I wanted to catch the sunset.

Until tomorrow, I just about made it.


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