July 12th 2018

Today was slightly less hectic than the last the last few days have been — well, the evenings, at least. For the past few days I’ve finished work and then trekked halfway across Berlin for one reason or the other.

But on this occasion I just got a taxi straight back to my hotel room and relaxed for a bit. It’s been a bust week, and I fly back tomorrow ready for a busy weekend. I’ll be back at my house by just gone 11pm tomorrow night, and I have to be on a train to Bristol at 6am the next morning for a stag do.

Honestly, I’m tired just thinking about it. Or I might just be tired, generally.

My only real aim for this evening was to find a restaurant where I could eat some vegetables. If you’ve known me for a while, that statement might shock you, but it’s true. On this occasion I just needed some healthy stuff.

I wandered around the streets of my district trying to find somewhere, while also refusing to use Google maps. I walked past a lot of Italian places, and some curry houses, but nowhere where jumped out to me as a healthier option.

So I went for Greek. Now, to me, Greek food is basically just a plate full of meat with some chips, bread, and cheese, right? Right. Well, that’s not particularly healthy, so I avoided the Gyros/Souvlaki and ordered something that came with courgettes.


I can’t remember what it was called, but it had courgettes in it and I ate them so it must have been pretty good.

I was, again, dining alone and the waiters, again, seemed to feel sorry for me: to the point where they gave me a free drink just to brighten my mood.


(I know that it’s common for Greek restaurants to give out free-pallet cleansing shots of Ouzo at the end of a meal, but I’m choosing to think that they explicitly gave it to me as a show of solidarity to the solitary person sat by himself with a book at 10pm in the evening.)

Until tomorrow, Yamas!



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