July 16th 2018

Today I stood on my glasses again. I have a really annoying habit of doing that: standing on my glasses and breaking them. Luckily this time, they didn’t break completely, they just bent a little bit. I’ve only just got a new pair of glasses because I broke my old pair by, you guessed it, stepping on them.

For some reason, I just keep putting them on the floor. Either when I go to bed, or sit down on the sofa and want to rest my eyes, I’ll put my glasses on the floor and, more often than not, will step on them when I stand up. It’s a pain in the ass.

You’d think that the fact I had to spend £80 replacing the last pair I stepped on would condition me to be more careful of stepping on the new pair, but nope. I even bought a spare pair because I knew I’m prone to this kind of thing. It’s becoming an expensive repeating occurrence.

Until tomorrow, watch where you’re going.


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