July 20th 2018

Today I could have stopped the avalanche.

I could have squeezed it in my fingers when it was still a snowflake in the sky.

I could have grabbed the snowball when it was at the top of the hill and put it in my pocket.

I could have blocked it, but this snowball wanted to roll.

There were plenty of opportunities to stop it further up the hill.

But the further it rolled, the harder it became to stop.

I’ve never been scared of it, because I never thought it would catch me.

I thought I could outrun it, or hide from it, but you can’t run forever.

And you can’t scream, or shout, because that just makes it worse.

In the beginning it was tiny, but it got too big to ignore.

Today I stopped running, and turned to face the avalanche, walking towards it.

And with an unerring sense of finality, it hit me.

Until tomorrow, wait for the sun.



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