July 21st 2018

Today I rewatched the entire first season of Master of None on Netflix. And then I started the second season. And that was my entire Saturday.

I don’t think it’s too strong a claim to say that it’s one of my favourite shows of all time. It’s all just so beautiful, and relatable, and real. I get that it’s quite polarising because some people don’t really get what it’s supposed to be about, especially because season one sometimes has a more anthology-feel to it, wherein it takes an entire episode away from the main narrative, just to tell a separate story. And it could feel out of place, but that’s kind of what I like about the show. That it does things a bit differently, and it’s so, so self-aware.

The great thing about the show is that you can pick up any episode and watch it, without having previously seen anything of the rest of the show, and it will make you feel something, and you’ll still know what’s going on.

It tackles some really brave subjects, and executes them with admirable effectiveness. Although, the lighting on that has changed a bit given Aziz Ansari’s problematic recent history.

I marathoned season one today, and I’ll probably rewatch season two tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, I’ll hope for a season three.



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