July 22nd 2018

Today I played one and a half rounds of golf. Also known as 27 holes. Or six hours.

Somehow, the first 9 holes consisted of pretty much the best golf I’ve played in my entire life. I wasn’t checking the scorecard as I played, but when I added up the scores after the round, I found that I was five over on the front nine. Which is, like, really really good — for me, at least.

The back nine was slightly less impressive than the front nine, but added together they made one of the best rounds of golf I’ve had in a long long time.

Maybe there’s something in the psychology of it: I didn’t check how well I was doing, even though I knew I was doing pretty good. And maybe that helped me. If I had checked, then maybe the pressure would have got to me, and I don’t do well under pressure when golf is involved. I think staying oblivious to the scorecard helped me stay concentrated on each hole at a time, rather than the round as a whole.

And, somehow, doing that I managed to string together a decent round.

So good was that we decided to stay for another 18 holes, although that soon proved to be a mistake as one round of golf is tiring enough: two rounds is fucking exhausting, so we bailed out after one and a half.

Plus, it was baking sunshine for all six hours. Not that I’m complaining, but I am going to be sunburnt tomorrow.

Until tomorrow, totally worth it though.


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