July 26th 2018

Today I spent my evening in my current favourite way: playing nighttime golf. It didn’t matter that the standard of my golf was shitty, it’s still a great way to spend an evening. And I was with my Dad, no less. If light had permitted, I’d’ve played all night. Except that’s not how the concept of daytime works.

Afterwards, we went for a couple of drinks at the pub and then came back to my Mum and Dad’s house for dinner. I could get used to this. In fact, I might have to. Maybe if I move back here permanently I can just play golf every night. That sounds like a plan.

Some other benefits of living at home for the next few days include: Mum cooking me dinner at literally any time of night. She’s great. Although I wonder how long it will take for the pity to wear off, and for reality to set in.

Until tomorrow, for now, though, I’m just going with it.


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