July 28th 2018

Today we spent three hours at a Ping Pong bar (not that kind) called Smash. It’s traditionally bar, that also rents out its ping pong tables for a fiver an hour. Like I said, we spent three hours there. (For the record, I’m saying “ping pong” instead of “table tennis” because the sign on the door outside said “ping pong” instead of “table tennis”)

I used to play ping pong a fair bit at university, but I’d forgotten how fun it is. It’s, of course, traditionally not a particularly tiresome sport, but we got really into it. To the point where we became actually quite tire.

Maybe it’s because you have to be completely focused all the time. Or something?

I went with my friend Aaron, and we are usually very competitive. This time was no different, of course. Every point meant so much to each of us! But in the end, it’s just about having fun, right? (For Aaron’s benefit, because I know he’s reading this, the final score was 5-4 to me)

It was a really cool place. Good music, well decorated, neon lighting.

Until tomorrow, it was a great way to spend an afternoon.


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