July 31st 2018

Today I was dreading leaving work and going back home to an empty house. Alice moved out this morning. We packed her suitcases into her car and she drove to work like she normally would, except today she wasn’t coming back. And she isn’t coming back.

And later in the day, when it came to time for me to leave work, I didn’t want to. Because I didn’t want to go back to an empty house. To combat that fear, I did some tactical Grandparent-visiting on my way home.

I popped in to see my Grandad first, and then my Grandma and Grandad afterwards. The former bought me dinner and the latter made me tea.

The former has acquired two dogs temporarily, and the latter have one cat more permanently.

Between the six of them (all mammals included) they managed to distract me for a while, but I had to go home eventually.

During the day, I’d reached out to my landlord and cancelled the tenancy on our house. We have to give 2 months notice, so I’ll move out at the end of September. They asked if I needed to rush the move-out for any reason, and I said the end of September would be fine, but I’m starting to think I should have tried to get out as soon as I could, because coming back to an empty hose every day for two months is going to be difficult.

Until tomorrow, at least I have my hamster.


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