August 1st 2018

Today I shouted at a man from a travel agent for an hour.

I don’t like being that kind of guy. I don’t think it’s me. I don’t even think it’s a particularly efficient way of getting someone to go out of their way to help you. But I was desperate.

Basically, before we broke up, Alice and I had a booked a holiday to Greece in September. Given recent circumstances, we no longer want to go on that holiday together. And so my Mum and Dad (far too kindly) said that they’d buy the holiday off us. And the first time we asked Thomson (or TUI, as they’re known since the terrorist incident) about that, and they said that would be fine.

We confirmed it with Mum, Dad confirmed it with work, and we phoned Thomson again to get everything changed over. Only now they said that it wasn’t possible — that we couldn’t change both of the names, and that we could only change one.

And then that exact same rotation of events happened two more times: they said we could, they said we couldn’t, they said we could, they said we couldn’t. They settled on the latter. And I kicked off.

I got really angry. I disrespected the man on the phone. I had to apologise for my profanity. But it was unacceptable. His colleague had told us that we could change the passenger details, and now he was telling us we couldn’t.

I kicked off.

I understood that he was just following protocol and adhering to the terms and conditions, and he kept repeating that to me. What I was angry about was that his colleague had literally told us the opposite, and they had no record of it. No note had been made (apparently). They couldn’t even find a ‘Tatt’ that worked for the company.

And so I got bounced around between departments as they escalated it, and I got increasingly angry with each call operative, until I spoke to the person who described himself as “the last point of contact”. And then I said some more unnecessary shit to try and get my way.

It didn’t work.

It never works. I know it never works. But asking nicely didn’t work either.

Maybe it works for some people, but it doesn’t work for me. I was angry, mouthy, threatening (litigiously, not physically) but nothing worked. They still insisted that they could only change the details of one passenger, despite having told us previously that we could change both,

And so, at the moment, I’m spending two weeks in Greece completely by myself.

Until tomorrow, that’s not as good as it sounds.


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