August 2nd 2018

Today I attempted to make a vegetarian dinner. Not because I’m trying to live by vegetarian values or anything, but more because I’m trying to eat all of the remaining food in the freezer before A) I move out, and B) I have to buy more food.

My feast consisted of: spinach, feta cheese (a classic combination so far), and two vegetarian burgers smothered in onion and chilli chutney. And when I say smothered, I mean covered.

It was a meal of little substance. The ‘burgers’ (I’ve never understood why vegetarians are so against eating meat, but so insistent on naming their own foods after meat) were awful. It was just smush. They didn’t really taste of anything and for as long as I cooked them I couldn’t get them to go crispy on the outside.

I usually like spinach, but I like spinach when I can mix it with something like rice, or pasta, or sausages. Mixing it with those ‘burgers’ just made the burgers worse.

Feta, though, is good. The Greeks and/or Cypriots do do a good cheese.

So, my foray into vegetarianism was short lived and underwhelming, but at least no animals were harmed in the making of that dinner.

Until tomorrow, it might’ve been nice with a bit of bacon on the side.


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