August 3rd 2018

Today I drove all the way home after work before realising that I’d left my weekly shop at home. I’d taken a trip to the M&S in town at lunchtime with the sole purpose of buying lunches and dinners for the next week, and I got some nice stuff. There were some bargains on offer in the reduced section because they were going out of date, so I stocked up with the intention of putting them in the freezer when I got home.

Yeah, that didn’t happen. I left the entire darn thing next to my desk. I had a chicken and ham crumble set aside to have to for dinner tonight — I don’t even know what that it, but it sounded good.

I immediately went into incident-management mode and tried to figure out who would still be at the office at 6pm on a Friday night. The first person I thought of didn’t reply, but the second one, Alan, did. I couldn’t remember whether the big fridge up stairs had a freezer or not, but I asked Alan to grab that bag and chuck it in the freezer if there was one, and into the fridge if there wasn’t.

And so, I had another shitty dinner tonight because I still don’t fancy doing a big weekly shop, and the shopping I have done was left long behind.

Part of me considered spending the hour it would have taken to drive into work and back home, but part of me also just wanted to order a dominos (I didn’t).

Until tomorrow, I really wanted that crumble.


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