August 6th 2018

Today, it turns out I gave Lola to my sister a few days early. I’ll explain that.

If you’re new here: Lola is my pet hamster. She’s called Lola because I went to text my then-girlfriend saying “I just bought a hamster lols” but my phone autocorrected it to “I just bought a hamster Lola”

I fixed the typo before I sent the text, but from that, Lola had a name. When Alice and I broke up, I got custody of Lola — due mainly to the fact that Alice’s parent’s have cats, and, well… you know.

As crazy as this makes me sound, as a 24-year-old male, it’s been nice to have Lola for company these past two weeks living on my own in the house.

Upsettingly, and weirdly for a hamster, Lola is an illegal animal. We’re technically not allowed her in this house (Don’t tell my landlord), and the letting agent informed us that they’d arranged house viewings with possible new tenants for today and tomorrow. And so, I had to give Lola to my sister to look after for a few days. That might be being overdramatic, and, like, what are they going to do, ask us to leave the property? We’re doing that anyway.

No, what we’re worried about is them finding out we had little Lo and penalising us in our security deposit, as we’d naturally quite like that back.

My sister took her last night, but this morning I got an email from the letting agent saying that both of the house viewings had been cancelled. Annoying.

Until tomorrow, I miss that little girl.



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