August 7th 2018

Today I played golf for the third time in four days. Me, my Dad, and my cousin played a round after work before it got dark. And I know you’re thinking “But James, do you have to write another blog post about golf?”, and I’m sorry about that, that’s just my brand now. I used to write about running every day back when I ran (almost kinda sorta) every day, and I used to write about halloumi when I had barbecues for dinner (almost kinda sorta) every day. And now apparently I write about golf because I play golf (almost kinda sorta) every day.

Although, I didn’t just play golf this evening. I went back to my parent’s house, cooked dinner for the two of us and we watched an episode of Suits. You’re God damn right. 

Since the breakup, I just have a lot of free time now, and I’m filling that time with golf. Although in a post-Alice world there are still the same number of hours in the day, they just seem to pass slower. Without golf, I’d come home from work, and have to figure out something to do for the next six to ten hours. I guess that was still true when Alice was living here, it just, I don’t know, feels different now.

And so, we golf.

(The following is a fantastic pun, if you think about it, just perhaps poorly timed)

Until tomorrow, we golf to fill the hole.



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