August 8th 2018

Today I went running again. It’s been a while. Over a month, in fact. To be honest, I thought it would’ve been longer. It felt like longer. Do you remember that time in my life when I used to run four times a week? No, me neither. It was a while ago.

I don’t know why it dropped off. I don’t know why I dropped off. I just stopped wanting to. That happens a lot with me. And then suddenly, out of nowhere, I’ll have a craving again, and I’ll make the decision to take my running shoes to work with me. Because having the kit is half the battle. Then all I have to do is make the decision to go.

I’m not gonna sit here and make an empty promise that I’ll start again, because inevitably I’ll end up breaking that promise, like I do every time I make it. But, I’ll take my kit to work tomorrow, and see what happens.

Until tomorrow, that’s half the battle, remember?




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