August 11th 2018

Today I went out for dinner and mini golf with my mum, dad and sister. It was great fun — we eat a lot of dinners, but we very rarely do things like mini golf, so it was a nice fantastic way to spend an evening.

I think it made us all reminiscent of the hours and days we spent playing crazy golf courses on our various holidays to Florida. The course at The Golfing Hole was slightly less architecturally brilliant and beautiful, but still fun.

There was one hole that was particularly aesthetic, and made you putt through a black light with the course illuminated with neon paint.

Naturally, and in keeping with tradition, Dad won. He even played most of the course left handed like it was no big deal.

I think the only games of pool I’ve ever beat my dad on were ones that he played left handed — and even those were close.

For a while, I thought even my sister was going to beat me. (The ‘even’ there sounds condescending, but allow me to remind you that I do actually play golf twice a week, and I don’t think she’s picked up a club since we were last in Florida 13 years ago.)

Mum nearly did too.

Until tomorrow, what a great night.


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