August 14th 2018

Today I went back to the track. Speed work and sprinting is my favourite of all types of running, and I really enjoyed the track session today. The temptation with track is to turn each 400 metre effort into a race with the people you’re training with, but I was reasonably well disciplined in my avoidance of racing. Not completely, though.

My goal was to run the four 400 metre efforts each in 80 seconds, but the shared machismo and testosterone turned that into 75, 76, 82, and 76 in actuality. Still reasonably consistent.

Where the racing did properly come out was on the 200 metre effort. I say “effort” in the singular because I only actually ended up doing one effort, instead of the planned four. I gave the first one 95% of ‘my all’, but then I had to bail out of the other three and jog back to the office because I *ahem* “had a meeting”.

I did have a meeting, it was just a very conveniently timed one. Weirdly, the 2.5km slow jog back to the office was much less enjoyable than the gruelling sprint-efforts. But that does tend to be the case, with me. I arrived back at work puffing and panting just about in time for my 2 o’clock Skype meeting. I had to lie and say that my webcam wasn’t working but in reality I just didn’t have time to shower, so I was still in sweaty running gear.


(I did shower afterwards, though, for the record)

Until tomorrow, and until the next session, there is no racing in training.


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