August 15th 2018

Today I gave this blog a little bit of a rebrand, starting, perhaps most significantly, with a change of domain name (website address). 

Since its inception, this daily blog of mine has been known as “fillingmyblanks”. I chose that name to signify the blog’s purpose: so that I can look back on it in thirty years to fill the gaps in my memory from these years of my life.

It was also supposed to be metaphorically resonant, as the original intention of this blog was to document my journey into becoming a professional author, and thus follow me “filling my blank — pages” or something.

I’m not sure how I came up with that, but it seemed to make sense then, and to some extent it still does now, but the blog has become more about me than about that specific career goal*. And so, I renamed the website after me. For 1322 consecutive days** I have signed off these daily posts with the same four letters: Jacn (which are, by the way, my intitials — I’m not sure I’ve ever explained that, I just figured it was obvious) 

*although there is big news on that coming very shortly
**except on days that are particularly meaningful to me, where I mark those by signing off with things like “Jam”, or “James”

I already had the domain registered (more for preservative purposes than anything), and because was coming up for renewal I figured it wasn’t worth paying for both of them (as it turns out, I will continue to pay for both of them, but that was not the original plan). And so, I mapped to be my primary WordPress domain, and everything kind of sorted itself out in the backend.

(It’s possible if you’re reading this that your address bar still say “”, but that will resolve itself over time)

And so, here we are:

I like it. It’s cleaner. I wasn’t too sentimental over getting rid of the previous name, but it is still there if you can’t get out of the habit of typing it out in its entirety to get here. And, for example, typing “” or “” would still get you to yesterday’s post, but “” would get you there 11 characters sooner.

With the new name, it only made sense to have a new look. So I messed around with a new theme. The homepage still allows you to endlessly scroll to find a post from a certain date (now with a parallax design, of which I am still unsure) and there’s a calendar for extra accessibility.

Of course, if you’re me reading this in thirty years — as was my original intention — this whole thing probably looks a whole lot different anyway, but at least I’ve explained my rationale to you/me.

The new design doesn’t work fully on some oddly specific screenwidths, and basically forces you to use landscape featured images, but I’ve always tried to do that anyway — I’ve just never been aesthetically penalised for not doing it before.

So, the name has changed, and the design might yet change again but the purpose will remain the same:

This blog is here to document my life, as it happens.

Until tomorrow, it’s my own personal diary, I just don’t mind if you read it.


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