August 16th 2018

Today I turned down a trip to London for the weekend. It takes real willpower for me to turn down any kind of weekend away: that’s basically where all my money goes.

But this time, I refrained. I do really want to go, but I have a holiday to pay for and, if the letting agent can’t find a new tenant, I’m possibly still going to have to pay rent on this house next month.

So, even though it was only going to be £18 for a National Express to London Victoria, I thought better of it.

And of course I’d rather be in London this weekend than sat around the house on my own, but I also plan on playing a lot of golf back here, so really it’s a win-win situation.

It’s kind of annoying that none of my friends are local anymore. I’m really the only one left that lives near to where we grew up. And so, to see a mate I have to trek all the way up to London.

I’m too far away here.

Until tomorrow, I should change that.


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