August 23rd 2018

Today I proved to myself that even on days where it seems difficult, even on days where it’s hard, even on days where it seems like the last thing I should be doing, I can still force myself to go for a run.

And I’m glad I did, because it was cathartic. It was 23 minutes and 55 seconds of nothing but pounding pavements and focused breathing. And it gives you an excuse to stop thinking, if only for a little bit.

I’m on a four day streak, and I’ve committed to getting to 21, and although it seemed trivial and meaningless within the context of the day, I had to do it. And I wasn’t going to waste any time on it.

So I set out at a stupidly fast pace because that seemed like the right thing to do. Because then you don’t have enough time for thinking. You just run. And that’s what I needed today.

Until tomorrow, I’ll need it then too.


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