August 22nd 2018

Today I went on a wild goat’s chase around a field. And I know you’re thinking “but isn’t the phrase ‘a wild goose chase’? And yes, yes it is, except I was being chased by a goat, not a goose.

Perhaps ‘chased’ is dramatising it a bit, but ‘followed’ wouldn’t sound as idiomatic. We were followed by a goat when we were out for a cross-country run. We ran down this old railway track, and this little kid bounds over a wall and stands in front of us, blocking our path.

There were some big cows on the route with some nasty looking horns, and we managed to avoid them without consequence (thankfully), the goat was a far cuter road blockage. We moved to go around her (forgive me for assuming gender at this point), and she let us past, but then she chased* after us for half a mile**.

**a few hundred metres

When we got to the gate at the end of the railway track, our new little friend didn’t quite have the cognitive ability to figure out how to navigate the obstacle in its path, despite the fact it had just minutes ago scaled a wall four times the height of the gate.

And so, we parted ways. We continued down the path, and the goat remained at the gate.

Until tomorrow, I hope that it found its way home.


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