August 24th 2018

Today I started packing up the house. If everything goes to plan we’ll be moved out completely by the end of the bank holiday weekend. If things don’t go to plan, however, we’ll be moved out by the end of next weekend, but we’ll still have to pay the entirety of next month’s rent.

This is actually happening. We’re actually, properly, splitting up and moving back to our respective homes.

Alice moved out a few weeks ago, and so I’ve been here on my own since then. I’ve liked it, but also disliked it. I’ve looked forward to leaving, but also hoped I was staying. The latter with more frequency than the former.

And so I’ve spent the day putting things in cardboard boxes, sorting out what’s mine and what’s hers and what’s ours. Was ours. And that’s basically what needs doing. We need to divvy up the stuff and be on our way. She’s taking the furniture, but I’m taking the hamster.

And so this weekend the house needs emptying, and cleaning, until ultimately we vacate.

Until tomorrow, I’m sad about that.


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