August 28th 2018

Today I can’t for the life of me figure out why today’s date is resonating with me. I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Ever since I had to write the date for something earlier, and saw “28/08” I had the feeling that there’s something meaningful about this date.

I figured it had to be someone’s birthday, but the only known way of remembering when your friend’s birthdays are (Facebook) didn’t inform me of any birthdays that I’d forgotten about.

Then I thought it might have been one of mine and Alice’s many anniversary dates — we had so many different anniversaries that we didn’t really track which one was the current one — but I checked back the blog posts I wrote on this day last year, and the year before that, and the year before that, and none of them were signifying anything of any significance.

So I’m stumped. The only thing in my Google calendar today was a notification that a bloke was supposed to be coming to do an end -of-tenancy house clean, but we cancelled him yesterday so I doubt the date would still have resonated with me for that reason.

And thus, I’m at a loss.

On the off-chance you’re reading this and I was supposed to do something for/with you  (whoever you are) today, then I’m sorry I forgot. And I’m sorry I forgot your birthday. Or your anniversary. Or whatever it is we’re supposed to be celebrating.

Until tomorrow, I’ll send a card next year.


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