August 29th 2018

Today I almost didn’t run, but that would’ve broken my streak. I got into work late this morning, which meant I couldn’t run at lunchtime, which meant I left work late this evening, and I had to go food shopping on the way home from work, and so by the time I was actually home it was eight o’clock, and it’s now at the point of the year where it’s getting dark out increasingly early.


And all of that would have been a perfectly reasonable enough set of circumstances to prevent me from running today.

But it didn’t. Because tomorrow I’ll be over halfway through my self-imposed, three-week, five-a-day running challenge. And so obviously I couldn’t not run.

Far, far too frequently I’d let a mildly inconvenient set of circumstances prevent me from going for a run. I’d make flimsy excuses to myself and to anyone who would listen, even though neither I nor they believed me.

But something’s different now. Now, even when I do have an excuse not to, I still find a reason to go out for a run.

Until tomorrow, this motivation is at least good while it lasts.


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