August 30th 2018

Today I found out that the ten-mile run I’ve signed up for in a few weeks time is actually a sixteen-mile run. Ten miles is sixteen kilometres, and I knew it was sixteen something, but it turns out the run is actually sixty percent longer than I thought it was going to be.

It’s a casual social evening group run with the work running club, so it’s not going to be at a pace that will be too difficult for me, it’s just I’ve never run that far in one go before. My previous furthest distance is just over a half marathon (13.1 miles, but my watch counted 13.3, somehow) but now I have to comfortably extend that.

And I don’t even get a medal at the end. We are, however, stopping for a pint afterwards, and that sounds like it will be very, very necessary. In fact that’s almost better than a medal.

This group casual social evening run happens every year, and it will be the third one that’s been organised since I’ve been at the company. I sat out the first two through fear of not being able to complete the distance, but I think I’m going to give this one a go, even if it is further than I thought it was going to be.

I’m feeling good about running at the moment. Today’s run put me over halfway through my Five-A-Day for 21 days challenge, which, thinking about it, will come to an end three days before this sixteen miler. Meaning I’ll either be at the figurative top of my running game or completely exhausted.

To be honest, thinking about it, I think the most challenging run I have planned in the next few weeks will be whatever I can manage to get done on Sunday, because I’m spending all of Saturday afternoon, Saturday night, and a decent portion of Sunday morning doing a pub crawl with some mates, and so I am going to really, really struggle on Sunday.

Until tomorrow, I’d rather do another sixteen miler.


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