September 2nd 2018

Today I powered through a stinking hangover and went for a late-night run. I really struggled at golf, and I’ve committed to run every day for at least another week, so when I got back from golf I refreshed myself with a 3-hour power nap before going out for a five k.

I got home from golf at like 5pm, put an alarm on for 8pm and slept all the way through. I got like four hours sleep last night after 13 straight hours of drinking, so a power-nap was absolutely necessary. Although I’m not sure three hours counts as a nap.

Completing the run now means I’ve gone two whole weeks running every single day, and I’m quite proud of that. There have been days — like today, for instance — when I’ve really not wanted to run, but I’m proving to myself that even on those days I can still find the motivation to get out, even if I don’t have the interest.

It’s getting harder, physically, as my body tires and my legs ache, but mentally I’m remaining strong, and finding the determination to achieve my self-prescribed target of 21 days in a row.

Until tomorrow, only seven days left.


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