September 3rd 2018

Today all of my hard training paid off as I knocked one second off my 5km PB for the year. (Yes this is another post about running, I’m sorry)

That’s right, kids, if you go through the gruelling process of half-way breaking your body by running every single day for two weeks straight, then you too can smash your Personal Best times by at least one second!!! Now isn’t that motivation.

I jest slightly, because I am proud of the hard work I’ve been putting into my training, and a new PB is always nice, but all it’s done is get me back to my fitness level from the start of the year.

It is, of course, possible that my legs were just knackered today, and my actual 5km PB would be a lot faster if I gave my legs some time to rest before going for it, but I didn’t even really go for it today. I did get the feeling that I could have done it faster if I tried, I was just wary of feeling weary tomorrow, when I’m going to have to get out and run again anyway.

I did 22:32 today, and my all-time best is 22:07, so I’m fairly confident that I’m close to beating 22. And after beating 22 I aim for 21. And after 21… and so on until et cetera.

Even though my race time didn’t show a huge improvement, I do feel a lot better.

Until tomorrow, sub-20 is definitely possible.


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