September 5th 2018

Today I actually went to the effort of making myself a half-decent dinner for once. (If you’ve already seen the featured image of this post and are thinking “pasta is a decent meal that takes effort?” then the answer is, comparatively, yes, but do read on)

Since Alice moved out and I’ve been living on my own, I’ve not really committed to the whole cooking thing. Some days I’ll have cheese on toast for dinner. Some days I’ll have porridge. Some days I’ll do well and make a spag bol or fajitas, and on some days I’ll completely forget to eat.

It’s been a mixed bag, but today was one of those days when I actually put some effort in.


And by that I mean, there was some green stuff in my dinner. Two bits of green stuff, actually: Pesto AND Rocket. Although, I’m 95% sure only one of those is a vegetable*.

*that was originally a joke, but the more I think about the less sure I am about what pesto actually is

Yes, it was just sausage pasta. But that’s a marked improvement on what I had for dinner yesterday:

IMG_4564 2.jpg

And the night before:


That’s supposed to be an omelette, by the way. I’m trying to use up everything that’s left in the fridge before I move out, so I made a Quorn “chicken-style pieces” omelette with cheese, eggs (obviously) and milk. I’m not really sure if you’re supposed to put milk in an omelette, but then again I’m not even sure if what I made actually was an omelette. It sure didn’t look like one.

My only culinary skill is barbecuing meat, and we’ve thrown that away, so I’m not left with a wide repertoire of recipes.

All in all, it’s safe to say that I’m looking forward to moving back in with my parents. I’ll finally get a bit of decent food.

Until tomorrow, and when she reads this, Mum will be glad of that too.


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