September 6th 2018

Today it’s almost 11pm and I’m about to go for a run. Motivated, mental, or somewhere in between? I’ll let you decide that. I’m going for a run because I have done so every day for the past 17 days, and I told myself I was going to make it to 21. I told all of you lot as well, and I don’t want to look like a mug, but more importantly, I want to follow through on something for once in my life.

But why 11 o’clock? Well, I had a shitty day at work, which meant I didn’t have enough time to get out for a quick run at lunchtime.

And then I had a shitty drive home that took me almost two hours because of traffic, which meant I didn’t have enough time to go for a run between getting home from work and going out for dinner with some mates, and also meant I was late for said dinner.

And then, well, then I actually had a pretty good evening, until I got in my car and the shitty “check tyre pressure” light came on. And so I did.

I drove to a garage and checked my tyres. The tread of two of them was a bit low, so I’m probably going to have to get those replaced, which I can’t really afford to do, and then the air-pump-machine at the garage just straight up refused to put any air into my rear left tyre. It worked fine for the other three but with the back left it made a noise, put “E1” up on the screen and clonked out. I googled it and apparently, E1 is an error message that is more to do with the air-pump-machine than my car/tyre, or, I hope it is at least.

And so, I’ve only just got home, despite leaving my house sixteen hours ago, and this is the first point during those sixteen shitty hours (dinner non-inclusive) where I’ve had the opportunity to go for the run that I categorically have to go on. And it’s 11 o’clock. It’ll almost be tomorrow by the time I get back.

That’s why I’m writing this blog pre-run, because when I get back I’m just gonna want to fall onto my pillow and wake up when life is a bit brighter.

Until tomorrow, check tyre pressure.



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